7 August 2011

Book Club: Making Stuff

We thought we might include a Book Club in our blog. Not one where you have to dash out and buy, then stay up all night reading, but a Book Club that just lets us flag up a few good books.

Hopefully you'll be tempted by some and will be inspired to get cooking and crafting or, at the very least, they might provide you with a bit of fodder for Christmases and birthdays for years to come.

First on the list is Making Stuff.

Designed to pluck the baton of crafting from the grannies, and hand it over to the youth (I'm counting myself as youth), Making Stuff shows you how to create all kinds of weird and wonderful things from knitted iPod cosies and starlight lanterns to your own soap and ra-ra aprons.

It starts with a How To guide to knitting, sewing, felting, applique-ing and crochet-ing, so even if you're a complete beginner you'll be able to get cracking on something without too much bother.

The fundamentals
Making Stuff - An Alternative Craft Book
Black Dog Publishing
ISBN 10: 1 904772 61 7
ISBN 13: 978 1 904772 61 3
RRP £16.95

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