21 August 2011

Rhubarb cordial

It's coming up to the very end of rhubarb season, but I saw some on offer in the supermarket the other day, and wanted to make some more of this cordial before it was too late. It's everything that's delicious about rhubarb, in a glass!

Rhubarb cordial
3kg chopped rhubarb
150ml water
Caster sugar

Slowly cook the rhubarb with the water in a big pan with the lid on, until it's completely soft and mushy. Strain the rhubarb through a muslin cloth, catching the juice. This can take several hours, or even better, overnight. Don't rush it - if you squeeze the rhubarb, your cordial will go cloudy.

For every litre of juice you have, add 750g sugar and 75ml lemon juice. Heat until just below boiling point to dissolve the sugar, then bottle into sterilised bottles.

Dilute with water (or prosecco) to taste.

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