28 September 2011

Lavender bags

I know they're a bit twee, but I think lavender bags are a lovely thing to have.

They're ridiculously simple to make and tucking them in amongst clothes, in a drawer or the wardrobe, is the sort of thing that makes me feel like a proper grown-up - someone who takes things to the dry cleaners when they should, and never leaves clothes piled in the washing basket. Sadly it might not always be true, but it's good enough for me.

I bought my lavender at a market during a recent trip to France, but you can get it on Amazon quite cheaply. To make four little bags, I probably used around 50g, so if you have any left over, you can always try making some lovely lavender bath bombs.

Lavender bags
Material (cut to approximately 8cm x 16cm per bag)
Ribbon (approx 16cm per bag)
Dried lavender
Needle/sewing machine

With the patterned sides facing each other, fold the material in half, so you have a square of 8cm x 8cm. From one corner of the fold, tack about 1cm in from the edge around the two and a half adjacent sides, so you have a pouch with half of one side still open. Machine or hand stitch close to the tacking, then secure the thread ends. Remove the tacking.

Turn the pouch the right side out, so the pattern is facing outwards. Using the funnel (or even a piping bag nozzle), fill the pouch with lavender. This can be a bit fiddly, but you want to make sure that the bag is filled well, and the lavender is evenly spread throughout.

Bring together the two ends of the ribbon, and insert them into the unstitched opening of the bag. Fold the remaining unstitched edges of material neatly into the bag and stitch the bag closed, making sure to sew through the ribbon to hold it in place.

Et voila - stocking fillers for all!

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