12 August 2012

The Braided Rug Company

I've been a bit obsessed with these beautiful braided rugs for too many years now, and was reminded about them earlier in the summer at the fabulous Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The day job means I go to the show every year and, without fail, The Braided Rug Company has a stand that's jam-packed full of these rugs in all shapes and sizes and in the most amazing colours. And, without fail, I stop and stare and wish I had a bigger house, and a bigger salary so I could have more of them.

Inspired by the designs and patterns of rag rugs made by early settlers on the east coast of America, the rugs are made from yarns that are spun, dyed and then woven into braids. The rugs can have up to 16 colours running through them, and because the colours are never distributed the same way, every rug is unique. You can buy them here. x


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